December 12, 2023

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Mixed Teams Playoffs 2024

2024 Australian Mixed Team Playoffs 2024

The Mixed Team Playoffs for 2024 are being held in Canberra from Saturday 9 November until Thursday 14. BBO wil be available for one match each stanza throughout the competition.
The format will be two days knockout the Qtr Finals, Semi Finals and the Final. Each round is 120 boards played over two days with four sets of 15 boards each day. 
BridgeTV intends to broadcast Live commentary from Sunday through to Thursday from the start of the second match each day at 11.50am AEDT.
The BridgeTV Zoom commentary starts on Sunday with the last day of the quarterfinals and we need commentators and audiences to make it a great event.
We have so far had over 30 of our leading players provide terrific commentary over hundreds of hours of broadcasting of events in Australia and overseas. As you can see below a number of our commentators are playing in the event but they are welcome to join the commentary team when sitting out or if they do not progress further.
As many of BridgeTV's leading commentators are playing in the Playoffs it is a great opportunity to join the commentary team particularly in the early stages.
Come and watch our top teams fight it out to represent Australia as part of the World Bridge Games, Bueno Aires, October 22 - November 5, 2024.

Zoom Link to BridgeTV Commentary HERE
When you go to enter Zoom make sure that you check this box.

If Zoom asks for a Passcode it is BridgeTV1#
BridgeTV broadcast commentary starts from 11.50

2023 Australia-Wide Teams Club Knockout Finals

The 2023 Australia-Wide Teams Club Knockout Finals are being played this Tuesday night on RealBridge.
The Director, Matthew McManus, points out that "In the Open, the Tasmania BA team consists of 3 Grosvenors (Mardi, John and Hugh) plus Tania Lloyd.
The Wagga Wagga team includes Charles and John McMahon. So each team has a set of brothers.
In the Under 50 MPs, the Waverley team were runners-up in last year's competition."

Link here to kibitz any of the Finals (20 minute delay)

46th World Bridge Teams Championships 2023 - Marrakech, Morocco

Womens Team Seniors
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Mixed Team Open Team

The Aussie Support Team          Aust Open vs NZ  
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The WBF web site Home Page featured "The Australian company BridgeTV is broadcasting daily"
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Day 8 Results - Final Qualifying Day

The Open Team in the Bermuda Bowl lost to India and beat Italy in the final match to finish in 16th place.

New Zealand had a bad day and lost its final two matches to Canada and the Netherlands. This was 11th place which was the best performance of a team from Australia or New Zealand.

In the Women’s event Australia just beat Morocco and had a good win over Argentina to finish in 18th place.

The Seniors lost to Canada and defeated Chinese Taipei to be in 13th place.

The Australian Mixed Team threw everything at the last day to beat Canada 54-26 but lost the final match against Poland 41-69 to finish in 12th place.

The Mixed were the best performing Australian team.


Find links here for news including results and running scores -

Pete Hollands is providing a daily video update on the performances of the top of the fields, Australia and New Zealand results and some interesting hands. Here is Pete's video files for Days 12 & 13 & Final
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New videos of matches are being listed in LATEST NEWS down below

Executive Producer - read more
I am in Marrakech (at no expense to the ABF) and will Host the broadcast at least for the first round each day (7.00pm AEST) on BridgeTV of the World Championships. It’s a very long trip of about 39hours with layovers in Jakarta and Istanbul for 7 hrs. However, QF41 was stuck on the ground in Sydney for 9 hrs with mechanical problems. The good news was I got transferred to Emirates (which was great and direct to Dubai and then Casablanca) but unfortunately Qantas did not transfer my luggage to Emirates and I am still hoping it will arrive in Marrakech days later!! My luggage has now arrived after 3 days and having to buy some clothes. The WBF President Jan Kamras lost his luggage only coming from Switzerland but he told me today that it had also finally arrived.

The idea is to fly the flag for BridgeTV, hopefully get some interviews, photos of Australian players and see what is involved with the tablets which have to be the future of bridge. As an IBPA (International Bridge Press Association) member the WBF have agreed to me having access to the press room. Might even get a game at the end in the Transnationals. One of my crazier ideas but any suggestions would be welcome.

Champions, Ron Klinger and Sartaj Hans, will be leading the commentary team but it is a very long event and all commentators are welcome to contribute. If you want to get some mates and come on with me, particularly, if an Australian team is on in the second match of the day after 10pm.


Flying the Flag - inspired by John McIlrath who provides the Australian flags, caps and Joey as Captain of the Australian Seniors team.

Lets hope an Australian team can do a Matildas.

The Opening Ceremony was on Saturday night and the events started on Sunday.

The Australian teams are:

We welcome your ideas and feedback from our community so please send your comments, interesting Bridge problems and articles to us by email at

Executive Producer - Peter Cox


BridgeTV has now broadcast live commentaries involving Australian Bridge players from the World Team Championships in Italy, The ANOT in Adelaide, The Australian National Championships in South Australia, The NABCs from Providence and Phoenix in the USA, the World Series from Poland, the Spring Nationals from Sydney,and the Playoffs and the SFOB from Canberra. The BridgeTV coverage has been for 3-6 hours a day for up to 13 days in a row for World Championships and our expert commentators have made a wonderful contribution. The coverage has included exciting matches with Australian players doing well against world leading teams in some matches.

BridgeTV regular commentators include Ron Klinger, Sartaj Hans, Maurits Van Der Vlugt, David Beauchamp, Barbara Travis and Phil Markey.

Guest commentators and interviewees include:
Ishmael Del’Monte, Paul Marston, Matt Mullamphy, Ian Thomson, Elizabeth Havas, Nabil Edgtton, Sophie Ashton, Robert Krochmalik, Giselle Mundell, Terry Brown, Kim Frazer, Barry Jones (NZ), James Coutts, Tony Leibowitz, Nick Jacob, Mike Doecke, Fraser Rew, Ron Cooper, Richard Brightling, David Stern and David Thompson.

Mixed Teams Playoffs 9-14 Dec

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