June 24, 2024

The Great Thing About Bridge from NZ

ABF Marketing and NZ Bridge are working together to try and “attract new members to the game of Bridge.”

One of the major ways to market bridge is by using Facebook Advertising. ABF Marketing worked with several clubs, led by the Canberra Bridge Club, prior to Covid and got some very promising results. NZ Bridge are now developing a number of Facebook Advertising campaigns.

NZ Bridge have made some fun videos to promote bridge and this one I particularly like. I would like to make some very short video clips in Australia about “The Benefits of Bridge.”

Here are some of the major themes that from research are most attractive to our major cohort of people 45+

  1. Socialising – Bridge is a fun highly social game, a great way to meet new people and make lasting friendships (photo of people playing at bridge table)
  2. Mental Health -Great for all ages, develops memory and concentration, keeps your brain young and alert (photo played by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet)
  3. Mind sports – do you like mental challenges and competitions – sudoku, words with friends, chess, scrabble, puzzles (another photo)

Make your own very short video of “the great thing about bridge” and send it to marketing@abf.com.au