June 24, 2024

Paul Marston says Minor Suits Matter in sold out talk at Gold Coast Congress

Paul Marston has won over 50 National and International bridge titles, writes a bridge column in the Weekend Australian and his books have over 500,000 sales.

At the Gold Coast Congress he said “We sometimes turn a blind eye to minor suits but there is a cost in this. One of them is Bergen Raises. Yes, Bergen Raises were the hottest accessory in the 1990s, and everyone included them in their roster. Me too. I included Bergen Raises in Winning Decisions in Competitive Bidding and early editions of Language of Bidding. With the Law of Total Tricks in vogue, it just seemed so right to jump to the three level whenever you have 4-card support for partner’s major. However, the idea has not aged very well. The trouble is that the distinction between three and four card support did not turn out to be such a big deal and, importantly, they prevent you from showing promising hands with long minor suits. I discuss a great alternative. Well worth a look. I will also cover one simple idea that will make inverted minors work like a charm for you.”

Paul and Nevena have produced a 15-minute video of the talk,

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