June 24, 2024

BridgeTV Australia Aims

BridgeTV Australia aims to educate, promote and help revitalise Bridge in Australia.

It is a new Australian TV bridge format highlighting:

  • Bidding, defence and play advice and lessons
  • Interviews with leading Australian and International players
  • Rules and Regulations explained and ethics promoted
  • Your Club, Your Community
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • News from the bridge world

It will be shot on Zoom, video cameras and smart phones. BridgeTV will be available on Web sites, YouTube, Facebook and Podcasts.

The program actively seeks contributions from all players, clubs, state bodies and bridge journalists in Australia and around the world.

BridgeTV Strengths

  • Older generations are heavy viewers of TV entertainment and information
  • Over 33,000 members play for social and competitive enjoyment
  • People are looking for new leisure activities and self-improvement
  • Informs and promotes mental health and wellbeing
  • Provides video hands and plays not possible in podcasts
  • Enables the ABF and State bodies to reach and engage their members

BridgeTV  Challenges

  • Being created on a very small budget
  • Contributions from expert hand analysts and presenters
  • Technology challenges for contributors and producers
  • Attracting and engaging audiences

BridgeTV Objectives

  • Engage all sectors of the bridge community
  • Improve the knowledge and enjoyment of bridge
  • Inform and encourage club management, teachers and directors
  • Build recognition of Bridge Champions to inspire future players
  • Promote interest and performances of Australia in International events
  • Use video and technology to help attract a Youth market
  • Promote bridge as a fun, exciting and challenging game
  • Contribute to retaining and growing the bridge market

Bridge TV Australia aims to lead the bridge world in engaging with members and promoting our great game.

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