June 24, 2024

How to Write A Media Release

How to Write a Media Release

Here is a Guide on How To Write a Media Release that can be used as a template for any club, state organisation, tournament organiser or ABF official to try and get publicity for their story.

There is a rigid format in the media industry for presenting the information and Peter Cox provides suggestions on how to best deliver content that increases the chances of your story being run on television, radio, newspapers or social mnedia.

However the cost of distribution, particularly in metro and national markets is high but the chances of success low.

Peter also explains how you can have more success in your local market with a more targeted approach particularly in regional areas.


Peter J. Cox BEc MBA has a background as a leading independent economist, marketer and public speaker on the communications, leisure and media industries in Australia.

Peter’s career in TV started as Manager for Michael Willesee and his television production company, Trans Media Productions. He was fortunate to be taught about producing live and filmed television by the top producer and presenter in the industry.

They produced over 1,000 episodes of the live current affairs program ‘Willesee at Seven’ which won the Australian televisions ratings for the Seven Network from 1976-1980.

Peter was then founding Managing Director and built the first FM radio station in Sydney, 2DayFM.

Over the last 30 years Peter has been interviewed hundreds of times on all commercial and ABC news services, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Business Sunday, Sunday, the Today Show, the Midday Show, TV AM, Good Morning Australia, The Drum, The Project, The 7.30 Report, The World Tonight, Four Corners, Late line, SBS, Sky Business, Sky News, Sunrise, TVNZ, BBC and Channel 4 in Britain.

Peter presents seminars to major corporations, industry associations and the government on the leisure and media industries and has been invited to be chairman and speaker at over 70 industry conferences in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Asia.

Peter has been a very enthusiastic bridge player for many years, Head of Marketing for the ABF, Executive Producer of BridgeTV, a Club President and a club director for F2F and Online games. Also he has been a board member of the NSWBA.