June 24, 2024

Neurosexism and Bridge

A war of words has broken out on the latest reseach by Professor Samantha Punch, from the University of Stirling in Scotland, which argues “that gender steroeotypes and neurosexism can actively reproduce inequality within the game to the detriment of women players”.

Samantha Punch  provides an Abstract, Summary and infographic poster. The paper has already created over 360 comments on Bridgewinners of which some are highly sexist, inflamatory and threatening causing some comments to be taken down.

If you would like to debate the issues particularly the objectives of the research, methodology, scholarly values, supporting evidence and whether it contributes to the future of bridge then send in your comments to petercox@ozemail.com.au and we may publish them on BridgeTV. We will not publish any that are sexist, rude or defamatory. Please read the material provided by Punch before commenting.

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