June 24, 2024

Exciting Final board in 2022 ANC Open Teams

The 2022 ANC Open Teams Championship Final between NSW and SA in Adelaide had a very exciting finish.

After playing for 4 days in the qualifying stage and a fifth day in the final going into the last board NSW was leading Victoria by only 2.2 Victory Points.

The players were all leading Australian players for the final stanza and the two tables were N-S Paul Dalley & Tony Nunn NSW vs Robert Fruewirth and Ben Thompson Vic E-W Sophie Ashton & Liam Milne NSW vs James Coutts & Justin Mill Vic

The expert commentators were Sartaj Hans and Maurits van der Vlugt and the BridgeTV host was Peter Cox. The third expert commentator for the day was Philip Markey who was the Non-Playing Captain for the SA Senior and Youth teams and was greeting his teams.

Come and watch how the last hand played out and how important a few IMPS can be.


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