June 24, 2024

Larry Cohen and Jeff Meckstroth reminisce on when their bridge sponsor’s wife was kidnapped

Larry Cohen is on one of his famous Bridge Cruises in 2010 with Jeff Meckstroth, one of the world’s top players. In this home made video recording on board ship Larry and Jeff talk about the time when a bridge player kidnapped the wife of their team sponsor, George Rosenkranz during a tournament. A fun video even if the production was amateurish.

The New York Times Report July 22, 1984.

Edith Rosenkranz, wife of one of Mexico’s wealthiest citizens, was released unharmed tonight, two days after she was kidnapped at gunpoint while attending a bridge tournament here.

Officials said three men were being held in the abduction of Mrs. Rosenkranz. Her husband, George Rosenkranz, a multimillionaire, is retired as chairman of the board of the Syntex Corporation, the company that developed the oral contraceptive.

The police said they had recovered all the ransom paid by the family but refused to say how much money was involved, although they did say the amount paid was the amount demanded. Earlier reports this evening said the kidnappers had sought $1 million for the release of Mrs. Rosenkranz.

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