July 25, 2024

Youth Players – Lara Topper and Jacob Rose


Lara Topper & Jacob Rose

Despite both only being 19 years old Topper/Rose have been best friends since they were young and have been a formidable bridge partnership for more than 6 years!

Jacob: “Lara and I were stuck at home one rainy day, and my grandma offered to teach us bridge…” Lara: “The rest is history. We’ve been playing together ever since.”

They both remember a traumatic hand from their first ANC where Jacob got doubled and went -2000.

Lara: “We were playing in our first national tournament and on a strong team, so we felt the pressure to pull our weight.”

Jacob: “Even though it was traumatic at the time, we managed to pull ourselves together and went on to win the match comfortably!”

Lara is studying Data science at uni and isn’t afraid to roll out a Gambling 3NT. She enjoys basketball, bouldering, reading and socializing with friends. Jacob is about to start uni and loves reading and watching TV.

Interview by William-Jenner O’Shea, Captain U21, Youth World Camapionships, Italy, 2022

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