July 25, 2024

The Final of the National Open Teams for 2023

(You may need to turn the Audio on and the Volume up on the recording which runs for 8hrs and 45 minutes)

This is the Final of the 2023 National Open Teams Final at the Summer Festival Of Bridge in Canberra.

The finalists were two leading Australian teams, the Ashton Team and the Ziggy Team. They had already played six days of Qualifying, Quarter finals and Semi finals each day of 64 boards.

Ashton Team – Sophie Ashton, Peter Gill, Andy Hung, Sartaj Hans, Nabil Edgtton and Michael Whibley (NZ).

Ziggy Team – Siegfried Konig, Liam Milne, James Coutts, Justin Mill and Rodrigo Garcia Da Rosa (Argentina)

The final is over 64 boards and the recording begins at Board 5.

The commentary team is led by expert players Ron Klinger and Phil Markey together with Maurits van der Vlugt, David Beauchamp, Matt Mullamphy and Brad Coles who all made a great team. The host and executive producer of BridgeTV is Peter Cox.