June 24, 2024

Interview on Talkback radio

ABC Radio Sydney – Peter Cox Talkback


One of Bridges strengths is our thousands of club volunteers and 32,000 registered players. Here is your chance to make a contribute by spreading the word about bridge.

Talkback radio (and breakfast TV) are always desperate for people to ring in and make comments about the subject of the hour. Many topics have a relationship with bridge including mental health, retirement, sports and games, online activities, lifestyles, travel and holidays.

For example last week I was driving and the ABC Radio Sydney talkback topic was the hottest place you have been. This gave me the chance to ring in to the program and talk about the World Bridge Championships in Marrakech where it was over 40 degrees every day.


  • Grab any chance to talk about bridge on Talkback radio shows 
  • Remember it is not about you – the aim is for you to talk about Bridge
  • Speak clearly and minimise the use of Ums, Ahs, Right and OK if possible
  • Be enthusiastic, warm and confident. Finally, be Brave.

Broadcasting the World Bridge Championships on BridgeTV.com.au