July 25, 2024

Worlds, Playoffs and ANOT

GC airport video

The World Team Championships are now completed with Australia performing moderately but with no team making the Quarter Finals for the top 8 teams of 24 in the Open, Women’s, Seniors and Mixed team sections.

Next week starting on Monday 18 April are the 2022 Australian Teams Playoffs.

The primary purpose of the Playoffs is to select the Australian Women’s, Senior and Mixed Teams for the next year. By entering either Playoff, all players declare that they are available and intend to represent Australia in any Target Event/s if they qualify.

Participation and performance in the Playoffs are also major criteria in deciding to whom the ABF offers the opportunity to represent Australia in any other (non-target) representative events that may arise in that year.

BridgeTV will keep you informed of the results each day but there is no Vugraph coverage for us to broadcast.

The Autumn Nationals are in Adelaide from 28th April with Butler Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams for Open, Under Grand Master <1000 and Under Life Master <300 masterpoints.

If you would like to play go to MyABF to enter or contact the organiser, Barbara Travis, at ANOT@abf.com.au