June 24, 2024

Terry Brown

How did you get started in bridge? At what age?

I have come from a family that always loved playing cards mainly hearts and 500.

I graduated in Bridge at University while all my mates were obtaining degrees in law, medicine and dentistry.

How and when did you start developing your bridge to the elite level? How often do you play?

From the age of 20 to 28, I continually tried to improve my game (and pocket) with rubber Bridge of an evening and at weekends as well as reading Bridge books copiously. I continue to play 4 to 5 times per week in addition to the ABF tournament circuit.

What do (did) you do professionally?

In my professional life, I was a salaried insurance manager. For the last 20 working years I was a contractor to insurance companies, superannuation funds and the legal profession as an insurance expert.

What interests or hobbies do you have besides bridge?

Besides Bridge, I have 2 sons and 2 grandkids and no pets. I love travel – Sue and I usually do 2 or 3 overseas trips per year. My other passion is fishing and I have a half interest in a 9 metre boat which is moored in front of our Sydney apartment.

In your playing career, what is the Bridge success that has the most meaning for you? 

Besides the 2 victories in the National Open Teams, topping the pair datums with George Bilski at the 2001 Bermuda Bowl is right up there.

What is the thing that you like the most about bridge?

Bridge is a challenge and I am still learning after 50 years of playing. Also, the people you meet ranging from an enthusiastic beginner to celebrities like Bill Gates and the late Omar Sharif.

Major International Appearances/Representation

Bermuda Bowl – 1991 Tokyo, 1993 Santiago, 2001 Paris, 2013 Bali 

IOC Grand Prix – 2002 Salt Lake City

WBF Olympiad -1992 Salsamagiorre (Italy), 2004 Istanbul

World Mind Games Seniors- 2008 Beijing

World Bridge Games – 2012 Lille

WBF Seniors – 2015 Chennai, 2017 Lyon

Open – Variously Hong Kong, Singapore X 2, Phillipines, Gold Coast, China
Seniors – Variously Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, South Korea, New Zealand, China

My team won the seniors title in the PABF events held in Hong Kong and New Zealand

In the WBF Seniors events we lost to Sweden in the quarter finals in both Chennai and Lyon and lost the quarter final in Beijing to Egypt by 5 imps.